Batch Upload - HFpEF Phenogroups

Successful calculation of the phenogroups requires uploading a CSV file with the correct column information. Switching columns, including missing data, not including a header, or including non-numeric values will cause the program to crash. An example CSV file can be download here.

Column 1: Glucose (per 10-units of mg/dL)
Column 2: Total bilirubin (mg/dL)
Column 3: Insulin depdendent diabetes (1=yes)
Column 4: Non-nsulin depdendent diabetes (1=yes)
Column 5: QRS duration (per 10-units of ms)
Column 6: E/a ratio
Column 7: Statin use (1=yes)
Column 8: BMI (kg/m2)
Column 9: Sodium (per 10-units of mmol/L)
Column 10: Ejection fraction (%)

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